Founded in 1994, the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) has become an institution that enjoys interest and support on behalf of Moldovan journalists.

IJC has established a lot of partnerships with internationally recognised organizations (the Missouri University School of Journalism, including the Center for International Journalism, Lille School of Journalism, Internews and “Free Europe” radio station) with the aim of preparing professional journalists. At the same time, the Center is using successful and previously tested teaching methods during the process of education and professional training of journalists.

The Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism is conceived on the basis of advanced graduate journalism programs from all of the world  (including Journalism and Media Management School from Caucasus [Tbilisi, Georgia], Media Plan Institute from Sarajevo, Journalism School from Novi Sad [Serbia], Media Institute from Caucasus [Erevan, Armenia], one-year journalism program of the Macedonian Institute for Media [Macedonia] and American University in Bulgaria).

Our school’s curriculum has been designed to meet the highest international standards of journalism, as it is practiced in Europe, in the United States and around the world. This post-graduate curriculum combines the best practices. It is rigorous and demanding and we believe that it will be supremely rewarding to those involved in it.

The Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism operates upon the deeply held conviction that an independent press, professionally trained and wholly dedicated to the principles of serving the public, is essential to democratic self-government. Only a press that is well-schooled in the art and the science of good journalism is able to hold the government accountable to its citizens and allow democracy to thrive.