Anastasia Pojoga

Nume : Anastasia Pojoga
“At the SAJ we have the opportunity to learn from the best journalists of the country”


I discovered the School of Advanced Journalism when I was in my first year at the university. Since then I wanted a lot to study at the SAJ. Why? First, you learn a lot in a very short time. Second, the School provides students with all the necessary equipment. We have access to photo and video cameras, voice recorders, etc.

Third, at the SAJ the focus is on practical work. By the end of every course we, students, had to produce 2-3 journalistic materials; we did field work, filmed, recorded, edited, wrote news stories, reports, interviews.

Last but not least, those who made me decide to apply for the SAJ are trainers. We have the opportunity to learn from the best journalists in the country. They are the ones who day by day teach us how to do quality journalism.

At the SAJ work is done at a brisk pace, like in a real media outlet, with deadlines, newsrooms, etc. In the eight months of study I learned a lot, became more curious and much more daring. I’m no longer afraid to ask sometimes uncomfortable questions.