Ecaterina Mihalachi

Nume : Ecaterina Mihalachi
“The School of Advanced Journalism is a real school of life”


I chose the School of Advanced Journalism because I thought that the profession of journalist is one of the easiest and means only television. From the first day of the courses I realized that it is in fact a very difficult job that demands much effort and desire. I equipped myself with perseverance and patience, and with the help of trainers I managed to get where I am now.

At the SAJ it isn’t quite easy, and there were days when I was thinking about giving up my dream of working in television. Still, every day at the school was special; we learned not only theory, but also lots of practical things, and we had no time to be bored.

During this year of study I learned to filter information from the media, to always seek information from several sources, to respect and apply in practice journalistic ethics and deontology. I changed my way of thinking and understood how much work is there behind the screen and especially how important it is to be a journalist with principles.

Now, at the end of the year of study, I can say for sure that the School of Advanced Journalism is a real school of life!