Natalia Ghetu

Nume : Natalia Ghetu
“The School of Advanced Journalism – the right choice”


The School of Advanced Journalism meant to me a return “home”; it wasn’t an easy decision, because I was abroad. Although I graduated university with a degree in journalism and communication sciences, I felt that the School of Advanced Journalism would be a welcome addition to my previous studies. I wasn’t wrong. Interesting activities at the School immediately captivated me and I was surprised to realize how much I love field work, because it means interaction with different people and finding out new things and places.

Courses are well-structured and systematized, with examples, practical exercises, field work – elements necessary for professional development. Students receive complex information about the best practices in journalism. I appreciate a lot the support of SAJ management and of the best trainers in the media. The professionalism, promptness, goodwill, and support you see at the first contact with trainers are there during the entire year of study, and I thank everyone for that.

I didn’t even notice the year pass, but I feel that I now have more knowledge about journalism and about the importance of respecting journalistic ethics and deontology. I also made new friends and met special people.

Everything is easy if you are consistent, curious, and dedicate enough time to courses and to “homework.” Because deadline is law at the SAJ.

Today, I can say that the School of Advanced Journalism fulfilled all my expectations, and even more.