“Apples” for the graduates of the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism

“Apples” for the graduates of the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism

The winners of the 19th edition of the “Top 10 Journalists of the Year” were announced during the Annual Press Club Gala on 19 December 2013. Among this year’s winners there are four graduates of the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism (CSAJ). Anastasia Nani, reporter for  Adevărul Moldova newspaper, Alla Ceapai, Radio Free Europe (RFE) reporter, Chisinau office and Lilia Zaharia, reporter for the Association of the Independent Press (AIP) were designated among the “Top 10 Journalists of 2013”. The special award “Hope of the Year” was given to Tamara Grejdeanu, reporter for RFE, Chisinau office.

Anastasia Nani, reporter for the newspaper Adevărul Moldova told us that “it is a very important award. If I could, I would have cut this “apple” into slices and divide them among the CSAJ trainers. What concerns my colleagues from Adevărul, I believe that, each of them deserves to receive an award every day”. As stated by the media outlet Anastasia works for, the stories she submitted to the contest cover, especially, the gaps in the Moldovan legal system.

Tamara Grejdeanu, reporter for the RFE, Chisinau office, told Media-Azi.md portal that CSAJ nurtured the love for this profession “because during the courses organized by this institution, I understood what it meant to be a real reporter, to face the sources and ask questions in such a way as to receive answers on the topic”.

During the seven years since its foundation, over one hundred young people graduated the School of Advanced Journalism. Most of them are employed by media outlets in Republic of Moldova, including PRO TV, Ziarul de Gardă, Prime TV, Radio Free Europe, Publika TV, Adevărul, “Teleradio Moldova” and other. Over the years, six graduates received the traditional “apples” and three of the former students got the prize “Hope of the Year”.

The Annual Press Club Gala was held with the financial support of the Free Press Unlimited (The Netherlands) and OSCE Mission to Moldova. The general partner of the event was BC „MOLDOVA-AGROINDBANK” SA.

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