”I’m proud of my first job and I like what I’m doing”

She was fascinated by history, politics and economy, so right from her childhood she was dreaming of a successful career in these areas. She knew she needed quality education to be the best in her profession, and she chose to study abroad. In 2013 she entered the University of Exeter in the UK, where she studied for three years economy, politics, and other sciences.

The real challenge, however, was still ahead, since, to everyone’s surprise, our heroine returned home, to Moldova, to fulfill another passion – journalism. A passion that, like with our other graduates, goes back to school years. There, at the lessons of the Romanian language and literature, she discovered she had appetite for writing. Together with analytical skills, it was promising a successful journalistic story in the future.

The fairy tale became true thanks to the School of Advanced Journalism, about which Adriana Vlas, a graduate of the 11th SAJ class, learned in her last month at university, when she was getting ready for final exams, diving into financial markets and Marx’s theory... Today she perseveres day by day and keeps learning to become a successful journalist, already as a reporter of the Unimedia.info news portal.

I decided to do journalism at home

“I studied economy and politics at the University of Exeter in the UK, at a faculty with rich traditions that always stimulated and taught me to think critically. However, I always wanted to do journalism. I was not scared to return home, although, frankly, many were surprised at my decision.

I still remember that for the first stage of admission to the School of Advanced Journalism I had to present an essay on a free-choice topic. I decided to “list” on a page my impressions after reading the book “Capitalism and Freedom” by Milton Friedman. I wrote a very awkward essay. Only during my studies did I understand that to reach a reader, you need to formulate your thoughts as simply and clear as possible. This is what I learned in the first practical course, “News,” when I had to formulate my thoughts so that any person could understand them: from a university professor to a village grandma.”

Being a journalist means learning every day

“To me, journalism is a fascinating and exciting profession, but also responsible and stimulating. I like to be in the center of events, collect information, write and transmit to my reader true, correct, unbiased and balanced news. The various theoretical and practical knowledge that I have accumulated over the years of study, as well as practice in the art of analysis, allow me to hope that I can contribute to journalism in our country.

The School of Advanced Journalism has played an extremely important role, both in professional and personal development. That’s where I learned what it means to be a universal journalist – a journalist who does not just write news, interviews or reports, but who can edit a radio report, lay out a newspaper page, or edit a TV report.”

SAJ offers more than just journalism studies

“The School of Advanced Journalism helps you to look at things differently. You are no longer an ordinary reader, listener or viewer, you are a person who by nature of his/her work must process all information, monitor and analyze the entire chain of events. Before I entered the School, I did not use to spend too much time on news, but then at SAJ I realized that a good reporter must receive information daily from at least two sources. At the School we also learned to be critical, to question everything and to always look for the truth.

For six months now I have been a part of the strongest team of reporters – the Unimedia.info portal. So I’m still learning my profession from my colleagues, whom I really appreciate. I’m proud of my first job, and I like what I’m doing.”

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