”I can say it with certainty: the School of Advanced Journalism discovered me and propelled me into the world”

I don't know about you, but once I saw the announcement about enrollment to the School of Advanced Journalism, I would wake up and go to bed thinking about applying to it. Maybe they accept me, who knows? The light bulb was shining.

The School of Advanced Journalism was the ice bucket that woke me up. The first two weeks would have made a tear-filled soap opera, featuring me whining and complaining, saying: 'What on earth am I doing here?

It is hard, it is new; more so if one comes from another profession. Still, if you choose this path there is no way back - it is contagious, you just fall in love and it lasts forever. Journalism is a lifestyle - you either take it or leave it; you just can't play with it, you are not allowed to play games.

It was hard for my inner economist to get used to carrying a recorder and camera at hand at all times. After dealing with figures, statements and reports, the lead was a notion from another universe.

Now, my greatest joy is to get a message or a call from someone, thanking me for helping out. I go to places, see things, talk to people, tell them stories, understand theirs, cover the stories and they have an impact.

They taught me at SAJ to be mindful of every written word, I learned that the tiniest story might inspire the world and the universe, or may destroy lives.

I am pained to see some of my fellows chasing fame and popularity. It pains me even more because they have forgotten who they are supposed to write for and do not remember even for a second that the reader is our master.

At SAJ I learned to leave the classroom at two o'clock in the morning. You see, the report about the radiation level of a microwave oven written for the media journalism course was worth the effort. SAJ gave me the opportunity to freeze to the bones to prove my point that nobody was responsible for Vasile Lupu Street in Buiucani District of Chisinau. I cried as crazy at the Oncologic Clinic and almost got beaten up at the central farmers' market. The list goes on and on, as I have finally started seeing things further than my desk.

There are things that will always stay with me, no matter where I am and what I do. A picture means more than a thousand words. Write simply, but not simplistically. Your opinion doesn't matter, but that of the people you talk about does. One does not play with the people's lives. The word is the journalist's weapon. Never hesitate to ask. The deadline must be met at all costs. These are just a few of the lessons learned at the School of Advanced Journalism.

I can say it with certainty: the School of Advanced Journalism discovered me and propelled me into the world.


Corina Morozan



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