”At SAJ I learned from the best professionals in the industry, I met brilliant colleagues, and I had memorable experiences”

I decided to get into the School because although I worked in television, my background was in law and not in journalism. Since what I did in television was rather intuitive, I wanted to gain knowledge and eventually develop my career in this industry.

I remember perfectly how a colleague from work, who was a graduate of the School, used to scare me that I had incredibly difficult things ahead and that I would have to forget about my life for that year. Well, it wasn’t so. Not only did I not forget about my life, but I lived it with great intensity.

Professionals, without modesty, the best journalists from Moldova (and some from Romania), generously shared their experience and knowledge with us. There were no barriers between professors and students, like there are at the university. Classes felt like friendly discussions, where we asked questions, exercised, played, and learned.

I will never forget the emotions I had when presenting homework in front of everyone and the pride I felt about the work I did with so much pleasure. I liked having to stay until later in the evening at the school so as to finish a project with my colleagues, who are simply genial, and our coordinators Victor and Iulia used to put up with our whims.

I don’t know exactly who came up with the concept of this school, but I want to thank them. The SAJ is a proof that you can learn more journalism in a year than others learn in three years at the university. The big advantage is that you deal with professionals who actually practice what they teach you and that you learn from them, not from dust-covered textbooks. You learn exactly what you need, not useless theories. You learn by practicing, and not behind the desk.

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