About Project

The Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism was initiated by Independent Journalism Center in Moldova, an institution which for the last 21 years has promoted the development of an independent press, serving the public interest. After having organized hundreds of training-courses of short duration for Moldovan journalists, the staff at the Center decided to create this school.

Every year 20 students have the opportunity to receive proper training to become professional journalists. During ten months of intense studies, they are able to make themselves familiar with the standards and working procedures of Western journalism.

Different from ordinary university education, this school has been designed with the idea of putting the student into conditions, similar to that of an actual editorial office. The courses that are taught – journalism related to radio, television, photography and on-line editing, economy, investigation, legislation and questions of ethics and conduct, mass-media management and others – are run by known journalists from Moldova, as well as experts and specialists from Western countries. The lecture-program is followed by a four weeks - internship where every student has the chance to work at a recognized media institution.

At the graduation the students will receive certificates signed by Independent Journalism Center (Moldova) School of Journalism at Missouri University (USA), The Paris-based Journalism School and Training Center (France).