Lia Ciutac

Nume : Lia Ciutac
“We, journalists, are responsible for the information that gets to people”


I had been following the work of the School of Advanced Journalism for several years. I thought that students did interesting things there. As I was somewhat related to journalism, I decided to use this good opportunity of professional training. After ten months of hard work and a world of knowledge in journalism, I am glad to have made this choice on the last day of admission.

I can compare the School to military training. For ten months we had a busy schedule, like journalists in actual media outlets. Five days a week we had courses, which started early in the morning, and then we had to do practical assignments and submit journalistic materials on time and without delays. The schedule was busy, but the entire team did well and every moment was worth the time. As I said, it felt like real military training, and not just in terms of organization, but also in terms of theory and practice.

In the ten months of study, trainers taught us why it is important for a journalist to have a strong spine, and students toughened up by training.

The best professionals in the field initiated us in all the details and ins and outs of the profession. Vasile Botnaru, Dorin Scobioala, Vitalie Dogaru, Alina Turcanu, Andrei Cibotaru, Alina Radu, and other trainers got into our blood the principles of correct and objective journalism. Professionals taught us why it is important to deliver correct journalistic messages. We, journalists, are responsible for the information that reaches people, and we make history.

At the courses we had the opportunity to meet personalities from our country’s domestic and foreign politics and from other fields, who answered our questions. We met ministers, former ambassadors, and other people who told us things that we couldn’t find out even from the media.

Trainers taught us to carefully research information, verify it, and to follow ethical principles, without which a text can’t be considered news or journalistic material of quality. The courses I liked the most were related to photos, images, graphics, and online tools. I would’ve had no other opportunity to learn directly from professionals, and this knowledge combined with what we learned at the School of Advanced Journalism gave good results.

I can definitely say that the classes of investigation changed me and my colleagues. After them, we gained confidence, courage, and became more curious about what happens behind the doors with the name tags of our leaders.

On the first day at the School, Vasile Botnaru told us that the journalist is a person in permanent search for credibility. At the time, I found these words too complicated, but today they guide me day by day.