• Training process at the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism; complexity, variety and intensity of the courses offered during ten months; projects for the benefit of the students of the CSAJ 15th cohort; employment opportunities after graduation; admission criteria for the 2020-2021academic year – these and other topics were discussed by the participants in the Open Doors Days Event, organized online on June 18-19. Although constrained by the pandemic, the CSAJ team managed to gather trainers, gradua

  • March at the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism was marked by one of the most complex, complicated and expected courses – Investigative Journalism. For ten days, the students learned how to investigate, from a journalistic point of view, the most serious societal phenomena, such as: corruption, money laundering, organized crime networks, different types of abuse, errors of the judicial system and others that some people try to hide from the public eye. Olga Ceaglei and Nicolae Cuschevici, RISE Moldova reporters, guided the

  • Do you want a 4 week scholarship and internship in a US newsroom? The Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism gives you this chance. You should submit, by March 16, 2020, the portfolio with the following content:

  • Are you interested in journalism? Do you want to learn how you can be part of a young team of professionals and how you can change the society in which we live? Come and meet us! We are waiting for you at the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism (CSAJ) from February 3 to 28, within the month of open doors. You will have a memorable program, you will meet our students and trainers and you will be convinced that CSAJ can become your School of Journalism.

    What will you at the CSAJ?

  • What is a non-profit media startup and how to launch it? How do we identify the form of legal organization of a media outlet? How to write a business plan? How to communicate with readers and donors using innovative methods? These and other topics were discussed at the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism during the course “Media Startups”, organized for the first time this academic year.

  • A few decades ago, entrepreneurship in the media seemed impossible, but the rapid development of digital technologies has radically changed the paradigm of media communication, offering new perspectives and opportunities for open and inventive spirits. How to become an entrepreneur journalist in the context of new media trends and what are the ways you could do it? – Is the key question of the course “Entrepreneurship and innovative journalistic business models” that the CSAJ students attended last week.

  • What are the criteria and principles that can guarantee the success of a media outlet? How to organize the work in a newsroom and manage a team of reporters, camera operators and editors? Is the media a business or not and how much does it cost to launch a new news portal, a newspaper or a press agency? These and other topics were discussed during the first course held in the second semester of studies at CSAJ – Media Management.

  • From cameraman to field reporter, from 30 seconds stand-up to few minutes video clips – these are just some elements of the spectrum that, for the CSAJ students, opened with the help of one of the most complex courses – TV Journalism. Within a few modules, the students learned how to better handle the camera, how to edit a video, how to make a TV news story, and finally, how to create a story in images. This time too, the course was focused on practical exercises, on fieldwork as well as on the ability to work in a team.

  • Blogging and vlogging, two online trends to make you heard and known, have become in the last years a real media industry. Of course, they are included in the program of the students from the Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism. What makes a blog different from a vlog? How has video content succeeded in revolutionizing and restructuring blogs, simply by using smartphones and live videos on social media? The students were trained by the blogger Diana Guja and the vlogger Alina Andonache.

  • Peculiarities of radio journalism, differences between a text written for a newspaper and a text for radio, steps for a radio broadcast, its format and mode of transmission, editing sounds, must-have skills to be a radio journalist, code of conduct – these are the themes learned by the CSAJ students at the Radio Journalism course. For almost a month, the students were guided by the trainer Sergiu Tudos and the journalists at Radio Free Europe Liliana Barbarosie, Diana Railean and Natalia Sergheev.