The autumn at the SAJS started with “Modern Stories” narrated by Georgiana Ilie

In the first week of studies, the SAJS hosted an exceptional master class, delivered by Georgiana Ilie, Chief Editor at School9, Senior Editor at “Decat o Revista” (DoR) and professor of narrative journalism in Bucharest. She has been in Chisinau for three days, for a special module of the course “Introduction to Journalism”.

Organized by the SAJS for the journalistic community, the master class was an unprecedented event that gathered together current and former School students, debutants and experienced journalists, representatives of various media agencies from Republic of Moldova.

For a few hours, Georgiana Ilie explained to all participants how a usual event can be turned into a story to be read by tens of thousands of people and how to tell the story of the future without exploiting the fears of readers. He shared with them both the DoR’s experience and the experience of the editorial project School9, explaining how, in the century of speed and ultra-sophisticated technologies, a magazine can survive and get funding even when articles are being prepared for weeks and even months. The “epicenter” of discussions was the history of writing the article Earthquake in the Vulnerable City, a vast and detailed material about the next devastating earthquake that will destroy Bucharest. From a topic to which no one thought seriously, except the seismologists, the author made a story read by more than 100,000 people.

The purpose of the master-class was to bring together generations of journalists, SAJS graduates, and people interested in the art of storytelling, to teach them new things about the ways of creating modern stories in media sector. The meeting was also an opportunity to discover new talents in the art of storytelling.