Dumitru Ciorici at the SAJ Discussion Club: “The journalist of the future will be innovative or he will be no journalist”

What will the media look like tomorrow? Who are the journalists of tomorrow, and what role will they play in the information machine of their times? Can social media exist together with traditional media? Could Facebook or Odnoklassniki replace the press? These topics were explored at a public discussion club, organized by the School of Advanced Journalism at the start of the admission campaign for the 2018-2019 academic year. We invited journalist and vlogger Dumitru Ciorici, the co-founder of the news website AGORA and one of the SAJ trainers, to speak about the perspectives of this profession.

The discussion – attended, along with SAJ students, by students from the Free International University of Moldova, the Moldova State University, and the “Ion Creanga” Pedagogical University – focused on the development of the media in the age of the Internet, on the role of the media consumer and of those who produce information, i.e. journalists. Dumitru Ciorici says that today, consumers of information are increasingly attracted to online media, because they are cheap, much faster, and more accessible. That is why, in order to survive and remain in the top of public’s preferences, journalists and editorial offices will have to rethink their content and adapt as quickly as possible to new information technologies, in order to attract media consumers and to make them loyal.

In the opinion of Dumitru Ciorici, “the journalist of the future will have to be able to create good content, to be innovative, and to use all modern technologies in this work.” To argue this belief, he mentioned examples from his own experience as a media manager and, recently, as a vlogger who is conquering a niche on this segment of the market with small but sure steps.

Young people wanted to know how to practically, efficiently, and attractively combine journalistic content and innovation. In the guest’s opinion, those who will find a perfect balance between old and new, classical and modern, logical and clear thinking of the journalist and new technologies will be the best in this job. “And one of the places where this balance can be quickly and efficiently learned is the School of Advanced Journalism, where I teach a course, too, for the third year now,” said Dumitru Ciorici, thus launching the admission campaign for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The baton was picked up by SAJ Director Sorina Ștefârță, who mentioned details about the School, about admission, and about the innovations of the new academic year. So, all who want to become professional journalists in record time – only ten months of study, including internship, – can already submit applications.

Details about the School and about the admission process can be found here. We are ready to answer any of your questions.