Regulation of the School of Advanced Journalism

1. Background

1.1. The courses at the School of Advanced Journalism (hereinafter SAJ) run from September to June; the students commit to make every effort to acquire the knowledge shared by SAJ.
1.2. Additionally, SAJ organizes English language classes for students; the students commit to make every effort to acquire the knowledge shared by the trainers.

2. Obligations of the Parties

Obligations of the Student

2.1.1. The student commits to attend all classes under the curriculum, as well as fulfill mandatory internships and produce a final project that will be graded no lower than 'satisfactory' by SAJ trainers; the student commits to show up to classes on time and comply with deadlines;
2.1.2. The student commits to make every effort to acquire knowledge shared by SAJ trainers, make homework, both as part of classwork and outside the classroom;
2.1.3. The student commits to attend English language classes regularly, according to the timetable set by the institution providing training services; in case of failure to pass the class, the student commits to repay SAJ the amount paid by SAJ for his/her studies at that class;
2.1.4. The student commits to take into account and comply with the requirements of the trainers and of SAJ (hours of study, topics discussed, the principles governing teaching etc.);
2.1.5. Whenever the student is unable to come to class or is late, (s)he commits to inform in advance the teacher or SAJ about it and to provide relevant justification evidence, except for cases of force majeure, when prior notice is impossible or requires excessive effort;
2.1.6. The student commits to work by himself on his/her homework, without asking for the assistance of others, whenever (s)he is expected to work by himself;
2.1.7. The student commits to comply with the laws of the Republic of Moldova, with generally accepted moral standards and ethic principles governing journalistic work, including respect for copyright. The student commits not to use materials prepared by others (including downloaded ones), pretending that they are his/her own;
2.1.8. The student commits to treat with respect SAJ teachers and classmates;
2.1.9. The student commits to take care of school property and any other property, and to refrain from causing damage;
2.1.10. The student is responsible for taking care of his/her accommodation and meals;
2.1.11. The student may have other obligations arising naturally from the task of studying journalism;
2.1.12. The student commits to comply with all regulations, rules and policies set for delivering courses, delivering completed works, assessing his/her knowledge; they are published on SAJ website, at www.; besides, (s)he will be informed about them in classroom and/or by email.

2.2 SAJ's Obligations

2.2.1 SAJ commits to deliver to the students a system of journalism courses, informing them in advance about the schedule, trainers, premises and any rules regarding studies;
2.2.2 SAJ commits to work with the trainers, with a view to ensure high quality education;
2.2.3 SAJ, through trainers, will give students prior notice about the assessment criteria and other aspects of their studies and assessment, will respect their personality and their rights;
2.2.4 SAJ fully covers the students' training expenses.

2.3 Rights of the Parties. Completion of studies

2.3.1 The rights of the parties arise from current legislation and this contract;
2.3.2 The student has the right to be treated with respect by SAJ staff and trainers; (s)he has the right to be assessed based on his/her knowledge and diligence (attendance, homework, attitude towards classes and homework, reliability and professionalism in working on homework etc);
2.3.3 SAJ is entitled to develop detailed rules of conduct in class and student assessment criteria, with are compulsory both for students and trainers. Both SAJ and the students are entitled to require compliance with these rules;
2.3.4 After graduation, SAJ will issue certificates confirming the completion of studies and the student's performance to the students who have completed all courses and whose performance was assessed at least as 'satisfactory' .
2.3.5 SAJ may issue confirmations of attendance to the students who have missed 10 or more classess without providing relevant justification and/or whore performance was assessed as 'unsatisfactory' by the trainers of 3 (three) or more courses and/or whose final projects were assessed as 'unsatisfactory'.

3. Other Provisions

3.1 If the student does not perform in line with the obligations specified in this Regulation, SAJ may terminate the contract after the second violation and after (s)he has been warned at least once about the possibility of termination of the contract;
In case of unjustified delay of 5 minutes or more, unjustified absence, failure to adequately fulfill assigned tasks (i.e. assessment below 'satisfactory') or plagiarism, SAJ will warn the student about the possibility of termination of the contract;
3.3 The student may terminate this contract at any time, on condition (s)he refunds SAJ all (100%) training-related expenses;
3.4 If SAJ insists on termination, on grounds of the student's unjustified absences, poor performance, lack of diligence and dedication, and/or if the student's performance at three or more courses is assessed below 'satisfactory', the student commits to fully (100%) refund SAJ's training-related expenses;
3.5 The student commits to fully cover the material damage caused by him/her.