Svetlana Parfeni

Nume : Svetlana Parfeni
“The School strengthens your immunity to resist in this profession”


To me, the School of Advanced Journalism is a beautiful challenge, a world in which we learned to resist the difficulty of the profession of journalist. Those were 10 months full of positive emotions, stressful situations, but also pleasant times, sleepless nights and special days. I experienced the feeling of getting a refusal or acceptance from sources.

At the School, for 10 months we were like in a real media outlet; we familiarized with the requirements, operations, and tempo specific to an editorial office. Here I met the most correct and objective journalists from our media. From them, I learned to write journalistic materials, found out what an “off” or “beta” is, how to make a news story or a report while combining the jobs of reporter, cameraman, and video editor.

An additional benefit of the School is the fact that here they teach you to do correctly any type of journalism. I don’t regret my choice to learn journalism at the SAJ, because true journalists are made here. Also, it strengthens your immunity to start and resist in this profession.